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Impossible Game

As the name suggests, the game is hard. The square must progress though one of the most devious game environments ever constructed in the video game world. Pits, spikes and platforms are positioned in extremely challenging positions requiring a player to have robot like reflexes to avoid or jump them. The only movement that you control is jumping, which takes place when you touch the screen. Tapping the screen once results in a single jump of the square, while holding your finger results in several bounces until the finger is lifted. If you fail and land or hit the spikes, you automatically start over from scratch. Fortunately there is a practice mode of newbies in the game which allows players to place flags as they progress through the levels so that whenever you fail you can restart from the last point that you dropped the flag. But what makes the game a bit difficult is that to actually beat a level a player must progress all the way from the start to the end with a single life. Nonetheless the game has two main levels that you must beat to finish the game successfully. But if you want more you can get the IAP level at a fee which adds 2 more levels. Just like the idea behind the game play, the graphics are simple but appealing. There are about 10 colors used in the entire game. The background is only one color(blue) but it diffuses to black at the top with rounded text that inform you what level you are on or if you are in practice mode. The game has a great sound quality. The sound effects and music come through crisp and clear. There are basically three sound effects in the entire game, 2 of which are rarely heard in the game and one for scrolling through the menu screens. The third effect is when you fail and your square dies. That is typically the only sound that you here regularly in the game and its perfect. So if you are the type of person who likes brutally difficult games and does not mind endlessly retrying a game until you get it right, then the The Impossible Game is your ideal game.

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